Ticket options

Buy a ticket that fits your travel plans best – there are no wrong choices! Not sure which ticket is the right one for you? We’ll explain all options.

Choose your ticket

Our ticket options allow you to find the ideal ticket to fit your travel needs. We offer 3 ticket options for travelling in Economy Class on most routes: Light, Standard, and Flex. Next to that, you can also choose to travel in Premium Comfort Class or Business Class.

Are you booking an Economy Class trip with multiple destinations via KLM.com? In that case, we can only offer you the Light ticket option.

Ticket conditions

Note that the exact ticket conditions may vary per flight and per airline. You’ll see the conditions that apply to your specific flight when booking online. After booking, you can find them in your booking confirmation e-mail and in My Trip.

Depending on your ticket conditions, it's sometimes possible to change your flight. Note, though: if you have to pay a change fee and/or fare difference, we may charge this in the local currency. The amount charged is equivalent to the amount in EUR or USD, based on the currency exchange rate.

Compare KLM’s travel classes

Are you travelling intercontinental and not sure which travel class you want to book? To help you choose, we’ve compared the features of our Economy Class, Premium Comfort Class, and Business Class.